Here is how we can work together

Consulting & Advising

Are you looking to create strategies allowing to make tourism a driver of sustainable development where residents, visitors and the destination benefit?
Do you want to ensure a sustainable future for the destination, to regenerate and preserve its community, heritage,culture and heritage? Do you want to meet the needs of the new generations of travelers?
Let’s talk! We can help you craft and implement simple, efficient strategies that will do just this.

Ideal for:
NTOs, DMOs, Tourism Associations, Tourism Businesses

Training & Facilitation

Would you like to educate your staff or students to the real impact of tourism on destinations and people? Would you like to equip them with mindsets and tools to approach their work with impact and sustainability in mind. Hire us, we will be happy to organize a customized training or workshop for you.

Ideal for:
Universities, Schools, Corporates

Outsourcing and Implementation

You want to do the right thing and ensure that your impact on people and the planet is positive and that your customers and staff are happy to be involved with you but you do not have the time to do it yourself? Don’t worry, you can outsource the entire process to us.

Ideal for:
NTOs, DMOs, Tourism Associations, Tourism Businesses

Speaking & Media commenting

Your goal is to bring the message to your audience that another tourism is possible. You are looking for concrete, on the ground, first person experience of both the impact of tourism and how to transform it. Social innovation, entrepreneurship, marketing and digital technologies are methods that interest your audience. You are looking for solutions. Reach out, we will be happy to share our experience with you!

Ideal for:
Event Organizers, Journalists, Editors