About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals striving to transform the impact of the tourism industry. Our work has been underlined by prestigious social innovation competitions and we have the honour to be regularly featured on media such as BBC, CNN, Forbes and more, and to have been invited to share our experiences and insights at leading events such as the Bled Strategic Forum or the European Travel Commission Conference.

Our commitment to transform the tourism industry in a driver of sustainable development started in 2015. when Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi identified a need for a tourism that truly benefits visitors and residents.

Our Start

While living in Venice, Italy, the city that might be the poster child of the negative impact of tourism, Valeria Duflot and Sebastian Fagarazzi were observing how the city was emptying itself of residents and how tourism was damaging the local way of life, culture and more.

In early 2015, while they were more and more aware of the displacement created by mass tourism, Valeria realized that if it would be easier for visitors to directly support the local population in Venice then it would make a world of difference. This is what they set out to do with Venezia Autentica, a social enterprise that empowers visitors to have a better experience and helps local businesses benefit more from tourism.

Since inception, Venezia Autentica has helped over 150 artisans and small businesses earn an estimate of over 3 million euros, as well as influenced the behavior and mindset of over 40 million people around the world.

This impact is something that the co-founders of Venezia Autentica are seeking to deepen and broaden through collaboration with entities all around the world, hence Overtourism Solution, their effort to bring their learnings, tools and methodologies to more destinations, communities and visitors, globally.

Who we are today

Overtourism Solution is the new initiative with which the co-founders of Venezia Autentica are looking to transfer their unique, on the ground experience, of creating a more beneficial tourism in Venice to more destinations around the world.

By working with government, institutions, corporations, schools, organizations and any kind of individual and entities looking to see tourism become a force for good, Overtourism Solution seeks to help transform the tourism industry as a whole.

Today Overtourism Solution is a pioneer, a rare initiative, proposing concrete solutions to an overgrowing problem: the negative impact of tourism.

Frequently commenting on media, or advocating for change at events or directly to governments, Overtourism Solution is the ideal partner for government agencies and representatives, tourism boards and associations as well as businesses who are looking to increase the satisfaction of visitors while making sure that tourism benefit the local community and destination.

About us - Overtourism Solution - About - Transforming Tourism

Co-founding team

Our co-founding team first hand experience of the negative impact of tourism as both visitor and resident as well as commitment to social innovation and sustainability is the driving force behind Overtourism Solution.
We are motivated to collaborate with a vast range of actors and to share our experience and method to help transform the impact of the tourism sector from within.

Find out more

There are many ways we can work together depending on your needs. From training, speaking, to advising and consulting, or a complete project implementation, we are ready to work with you to make tourism a win-win-win.

About us - Overtourism Solution - About - Transforming Tourism