Tourism needs to change

Let's work together to make tourism a driver of sustainable development
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Together, we can change the impact of tourism

We are ready to work with you to make tourism a driver of sustainable development

Driven by our mission, we are working to create systemic change:

We are the team behind Venezia Autentica, a social business aiming to fight the negative impact of overtourism. Our work in Venice, the poster child of overtourism, has been featured on Forbes, BBC, Conde Nast Traveler and more, and we regularly share our experience of changing the impact of tourism from the ground with audiences of leaders of all kinds. Our ultimate goal is to reach systemic change. We believe that tourism should truly benefit both locals and visitors, and we know that it is not currently the case. What’s happening in Venice is poised to happen wherever a sustainable approach to tourism is not adopted urgently. We are at the forefront of change and we know that, together, we can transform the impact of tourism on the places where we live and travel. Do you agree that tourism should not displace people and threaten our heritages, cultures, and identities? That tourism should contribute to building sustainable economies and more resilient communities? If you answered yes to these questions, let’s join forces!

Governments, DMOs, Institutions

The time to focus on sustainable development rather than mass tourism is now. We understand how to engage people and change their behavior as well as how to leverage tourism to support your local economy, preserve your local culture, identity, and heritage while making it easy for your visitors to have an authentic experience.
Get in touch now to organize a meeting and discuss how we could collaborate to make tourism truly beneficial for both your residents and your visitors.

Event Organizers

Sharing knowledge is an essential part of our mission. Our objective is to push for system change and we are always honored and excited to share our experience reshaping tourism in Venice and beyond with your audiences. Looking for someone to speak about sustainability or how to tackle mass tourism and overtourism? Get in touch now!

Journalists & Media

We see media and journalists as essential partners on our way to system change. Your stories reach millions of people every day and influence the way people think and behave. If you are looking to talk about the real impact of tourism but also about solutions to the problem of unsustainable tourism, we are ready to help!
We have experience working with press, podcasts, radio and TV. Whether you need experts for news’ interviews or your next documentary, we can help!

Our pilot to change the impact of tourism in Venice: Venezia Autentica

People, digital tech and new media to reshape the image of Venice and develop a win-win approach to tourism